Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun with Clonezilla

I had to resize my hard drive.

I used clonezilla to back up the partitions to an external USB Hard Drive. (Partition mode, not disk mode).

I then replaced the hard drive with a factory new one.

Clonezilla would not restore to the factory drive without partitions.

I used cfdisk to make partitions like the original hard drive (bigger, of course).

I restored clonezilla partitions to the new hard drive.

Windows didn't see the whole NTFS partition (dir said it was the same as the original. That's not what I wanted!). (Disk Management, yes, dir no).

I downloaded Easeus Partition Manager and SLIGHTLY decreased the partition (by about 10 MB). The large partition didn't miss the difference, but the entire space was now available when looking at "dir".

All this software was free, by the way.

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