Saturday, September 10, 2016

Alienware Alpha HiveMind launcher fix

HiveMind launcher seems to keep asking for installation every time it's selected.

There's a way to manually add a Battle.Net launcher that works:

In the HiveMind interface, go to Programs

Go to All Programs

Click Add Program, Programs, Windows Application, Add Existing application

If you're lucky, you can browse and find Battle.Net in the list (probably not), so

Select executable file

Wherever Battle.Net is installed, likely:


Program Files (x86)

Enable mouse/kb on load (up to you) I enabled

Launch without Administrator privileges (up to you) I did this one because I don't want to be bothered with UAC.

Do not start at boot (enabled)

Would you like to save this launcher? [Yes]

If you're in Mouse mode, you can B or right-click on the icon to swap these settings.

This doesn't show up in "Games", but does show up in "Programs".

However, you can Add to favorites with Right-Click or B

In this way, pressing the right joystick (in joystick mode) will give you quick access to the without having to find it in Games.

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