Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can't send ctrl-alt-del via UVNC UltraVNC

well, it's not fun from the viewer, but let's say you've installed UltraVNC and rebooted the remote computer. Now you can't send Ctrl-Alt-Del to log in.

On screen keyboard can help for Windows 7 and (I think? Vista). You know that button in the bottom left? Turn on the on screen keyboard. Press the ctrl key, then the alt key, then the del key and you're in.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Captive portal follows you home

had an issue with a client where the hotel's captive portal followed him home with IE9. flushdns didn't work, neither cache and cookie delete. This was specifically an issue with onsite local connections, so I added the IP address to "local sites" in IE and it seemed to have resolved.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hard links vs sym links

Sometimes you are programming and the items you're working on are a subset/extraset of a program that you don't really want to include in your project, especially if the add-on project is being maintained with git or svn or something.

Sometimes your dev and your test are on the same box, so you can hard link the files you're working on in your dev directory and they'll mirror in your test instance. Hard links are better than sym links in this case because you want to distribute the files, not links to files, and you want your live test to not point to your dev copy.

Install byobu on Amazon AMI

How hard is this? I don't know...
Download source
tar xzvf byobu_version.tar.gz
cd byobu_version
sudo ./configure
sudo make
sudo install

(you might need autoconf and automake and gcc)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Skype using port 80 - Skype Community

Skype using port 80 - Skype Community

What's using port 80 on your computer? It could be Skype.

To really find out, type this:
netstat -ano | find ":80 " | more
then get the last number on the list:
tasklist | find "5628"
Skype.exe 5628 Console 1 19,956 K

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Can't install Silverlight because it can't find installer

WARNING: Messing with registry entries can be dangerous. Anything you do with it is YOUR problem, not mine. Be sure to back up things before you delete things. I don't know if this will break things. All I know is that it allowed installation after it was removed.

1612 error for Silverlight 3.0

(you might want to remove the Silverlight 3.0 directory from Program Files first).

Go to regedit
(you might want to back up this registry entry before you continue)

delete this entry.
Now you can install 4.0 without error.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

using DynDNS with AWS

So, let's say you have an AWS instance that you don't run all the time, and you get a new IP each time you run it.

Sign up for an account on DynDNS and install the ddclient on your instance.
ddclient.conf example

syslog=yes # log update msgs to syslog
mail=root # mail all msgs to root
mail-failure=root # mail failed update msgs to root
pid=/var/run/ # record PID in file.
ssl=yes # use ssl-support. Works with
dyndnshostname.dyndnsdomain.dyndnstld, anotherdyndnshostname.dyndnsdomain.dyndnstld

now each time you start the service, you can go to the dyndns account instead of trying to figure out the new IP address/dns

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Can not mark 'xubuntu-desktop' for upgrade

upgrading Ubuntu 10.10 maverick to 11.04 narwhal. so I went into synaptic and uninstalled xubuntu-desktop and got on with life.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vipre no wireless?

working on a client's computer that sbamtray.exe when loaded at startup prevented wireless networks from being seen. msconfig clear check by it ...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Use your domain with a dynamic DNS service

Interested how to use *your* domain with a dynamic dns service? It's so easy. Create a new CNAME that points to the dynamic dns name.

Change the icon for PcHelpWare, et al

Looking to customize PCHelpWare for yourself?

There's documentation online, but the change of icon doesn't exactly work in Vista/Windows 7. There's a program that can help, though: IcoFX. Just grab PcHelpWare.sfx, and briefly change it to PcHelpWare.exe, then in IcoFX, go to Tools, Resource Editor, and open the newly named PcHelpWare.exe (open folder icon). Highlight the yellow Uvnc icon, then click the Change icon button and point it to the icon of choice. Click save, then close. Rename the PcHelpWare.exe to PcHelpWare.sfx and now your PcHelpWare app will be branded with your new icon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IPSEC prevents Windows Server 2003 to connect network

Problem: Network connection fails completely on Windows Small Business Server SBS 2003. Can't ping. Can't browse the Internet.
Reason: IPSEC service doesn't start. (Usually after SP2 install)

Problem: IPSEC service doesn't start because of some "only one" error on "port"
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Reserved Ports
to the list
restart DNS.
start IPSEC.
You should have network connection.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Better Windows 98 video driver for VirtualBox

It's 2011, and ... you don't care. All you want to know is how not to be stuck at 640x480 and 16 colors on Windows 98 guest on VirtualBox and guest additions won't ever be made on Windows 98 or 95.

How easy is it? go to and download, for instance, 2010.06.01 (click one of the ? on the right).

Now you have a .zip. Extract it.
Make a .iso from that folder with your favorite program.
You now can mount that on your Windows 98 image.
Update the driver from Device manager and point it to the VBE9X\UNI folder and let it install. Reboot and you have color!

YRMV, don't blame me if it doesn't work, etc. All I can say is it worked well for me.

I suppose you're also looking for AMD PCnet drivers at the same time. Stop. Don't panic yourself about it, but stop the vm, go to network, advanced, and change the nic to the one above it -- NOT the FAST one. (have your Windows 98 CD available, and ... it is installed.)

2015: updated to a different domain.

Silly, mindboggling obvious virtualbox/clonezilla error

Chalk this up to a bit of overthinking, or ... something.

See, I have this USB external 2TB hard drive, and on it, I have clonezilla images. Since that's ample size, I decided that I'd conserve space and make VirtualBox VDIs from the images and store them on the same drive... yes, if you're playing along, you'll understand what happened.

It appears that VirtualBox removes the Host mounted drive and attaches it to the guest image. All of a sudden, I can't do anything to the VB VDI /dev/sda because ... it doesn't exist anymore, because the usb 2TB drive is mounted to the guest, removing the .vdi.

(In case you didn't catch this: Let's say the 2TB drive is mounted on Windows as L:, and the drive for the virtual machine is in L:\drive.vdi When VirtualBox runs, L: disappears as the 2TB drive is mounted for clonezilla recovery. Boom. L:\drive.vdi gone.)

Temp solution: put the .vdi on another drive until the images are converted, then move them back.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Using PayPal with GnuCash

If you use a credit card/merchant account or PayPal and are trying to figure out how to make the payments reconcile in GnuCash, I took a hint from this link: and applied it as follows:

Assuming you've installed GnuCash (What is it? It's a free accounting program, like QuickBooks, but not as fancy. It gets the job done, though.)

And you've set up the basic "Business" account Chart of Accounts (or if you haven't, don't panic, it's ok...)

BACK UP your data. Nothing here is destructive, but it's a good idea to back up.

In Assets, Current Assets, create a new Account:
Account name: PayPal
Account code: can leave blank if you wish
Description: PayPal
Account Type: Bank
Parent Account: Current Assets (or, the parent of your Checking Account)
You'll want to include any particular Opening Balance and include today's date. If you miss this, you can always add an adjustment later.
Click [OK]

In Expenses, create a new Account:
Account name: PayPal Fees
Description: PayPal Fees
Account Type: Expense
Parent Account: Expenses (or if it makes sense elsewhere, include it there).

Now, all you'll do is process payment:
Business, Customer, Process Payment
Customer, Select
Invoice, select
Enter the full amount (if the full amount is paid). For instance, if the invoice is $100, and the customer submitted $100 to PayPal, enter 100.00 in the amount.
Post To: Assets:Accounts Receivable (probably, or what you've already chosen as the Receivable account for the invoice.)
Transfer Account: PayPal

Next, open the PayPal Account and Enter a transaction:
Description: "PayFees" or something.
Transfer: Expenses: PayPal Fees
Withdrawal: the amount of transaction fees deducted from the PayPal deposit

When you're ready to transfer PayPal to your Checking Account,
Open the "Checking Account" account and click Transfer:
The amount will be what you're transferring from PayPal.
Transfer From: PayPal (under Current Assets)
Transfer To: "Checking Account"
Click OK.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tdsskiller Is your website browsing hijacked/redirected?

short answer: tdsskiller You've tried Malwarebytes, and your antivirus and it says you're clean, but it's obvious you're not, as every time you try to use windows update or try to go to a Microsoft site, you get redirected to another search engine.

Friday, February 18, 2011

OpenOffice Base MySQL ALTER table structure

I may have missed it, but it's likely that you will have trouble refreshing table structure in OpenOffice Base if you connect to MySQL and ALTER a table.

Basically, the answer is to add the fields in the Edit of the table(s) in Base to match the new columns. If you don't know what they are, create a new table connecting to the ODBC of MySQL and edit the appropriate table.

It's a real pain, but there you are.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

YUI3 accordion

I had the hardest time trying to override the label color in YUI3-accordion.
It turns out that !important was used in the default style, so I had to !important again to overwrite it. (I didn't want/need black on a dark background).

Monday, January 31, 2011

Increase the number of entries in Media Library of Wordpress

Have lots of images? Don't want to paginate? Using Faster Image Inserter?

Change from 10 to whatever:

back up wp-admin/includes/media.php

find this:

$start = ( $_GET['paged'] - 1 ) * 10;
if ( $start < 1 )
$start = 0;
add_filter( 'post_limits', create_function( '$a', "return 'LIMIT $start, 10';" ) )

and this:

$page_links = paginate_links( array(
'base' => add_query_arg( 'paged', '%#%' ),
'format' => '',
'prev_text' => __('«'),
'next_text' => __('»'),
'total' => ceil($wp_query->found_posts / 10),
'current' => $_GET['paged']

and change 10 to 50 or 100 or ...

Friday, January 21, 2011

MySQL fix some phone numbers

This is long and convoluted, but basically, it takes unknown inputs of phone numbers from a table:

and makes them all

select Concat(if(length(PhoneNumber)< 10, "212", ""), replace(PhoneNumber, "-","")) FROM AddressBook;

update addressbook set PhoneNumber=Concat(if(length(PhoneNumber)< 10, "212", ""), replace(PhoneNumber, "-",""));

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