Thursday, April 14, 2011

Better Windows 98 video driver for VirtualBox

It's 2011, and ... you don't care. All you want to know is how not to be stuck at 640x480 and 16 colors on Windows 98 guest on VirtualBox and guest additions won't ever be made on Windows 98 or 95.

How easy is it? go to and download, for instance, 2010.06.01 (click one of the ? on the right).

Now you have a .zip. Extract it.
Make a .iso from that folder with your favorite program.
You now can mount that on your Windows 98 image.
Update the driver from Device manager and point it to the VBE9X\UNI folder and let it install. Reboot and you have color!

YRMV, don't blame me if it doesn't work, etc. All I can say is it worked well for me.

I suppose you're also looking for AMD PCnet drivers at the same time. Stop. Don't panic yourself about it, but stop the vm, go to network, advanced, and change the nic to the one above it -- NOT the FAST one. (have your Windows 98 CD available, and ... it is installed.)

2015: updated to a different domain.


Unknown said...

Heh. 2012 and I STILL don't care. Worked nicely. Thanks.

Slor said...

I used this for both Win95 and Win98 in my VirtualBox installation (4.1.18 on Win7 x64). Seems to work great for the most part, but unfortunately it hoses the whole screen when I attempt to open a command prompt in either VM. I used 1024x768x32 when I configured my screen. Is there something else I need to do so it gets along with with the command prompt too?

tech guy said...

I haven't played with it for a couple of years. If anything, I'd probably check to make sure the command prompt doesn't open full screen. You may want to reduce to 800x600 and try that.

Unknown said...

2013 and I don't care either.. Thanks for the info!

Jaco Mostert said...

Thanks, helped me as well.

Peter Meldgaard said...

It's 2013, and I just want to play Beasts & Bumpkins.

Unknown said...

It's 2015, your link doesn't work anymore.

tech guy said...

Yes, I see. Updated.

Anonymous said...

Hey works great, thanks chief.

Unknown said...

2016 and it STILL works! Great job.

Unknown said...

2019 anyone?


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