Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hard links vs sym links

Sometimes you are programming and the items you're working on are a subset/extraset of a program that you don't really want to include in your project, especially if the add-on project is being maintained with git or svn or something.

Sometimes your dev and your test are on the same box, so you can hard link the files you're working on in your dev directory and they'll mirror in your test instance. Hard links are better than sym links in this case because you want to distribute the files, not links to files, and you want your live test to not point to your dev copy.

Install byobu on Amazon AMI

How hard is this? I don't know...
Download source
tar xzvf byobu_version.tar.gz
cd byobu_version
sudo ./configure
sudo make
sudo install

(you might need autoconf and automake and gcc)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Skype using port 80 - Skype Community

Skype using port 80 - Skype Community

What's using port 80 on your computer? It could be Skype.

To really find out, type this:
netstat -ano | find ":80 " | more
then get the last number on the list:
tasklist | find "5628"
Skype.exe 5628 Console 1 19,956 K

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Can't install Silverlight because it can't find installer

WARNING: Messing with registry entries can be dangerous. Anything you do with it is YOUR problem, not mine. Be sure to back up things before you delete things. I don't know if this will break things. All I know is that it allowed installation after it was removed.

1612 error for Silverlight 3.0

(you might want to remove the Silverlight 3.0 directory from Program Files first).

Go to regedit
(you might want to back up this registry entry before you continue)

delete this entry.
Now you can install 4.0 without error.

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