Friday, April 22, 2011

Change the icon for PcHelpWare, et al

Looking to customize PCHelpWare for yourself?

There's documentation online, but the change of icon doesn't exactly work in Vista/Windows 7. There's a program that can help, though: IcoFX. Just grab PcHelpWare.sfx, and briefly change it to PcHelpWare.exe, then in IcoFX, go to Tools, Resource Editor, and open the newly named PcHelpWare.exe (open folder icon). Highlight the yellow Uvnc icon, then click the Change icon button and point it to the icon of choice. Click save, then close. Rename the PcHelpWare.exe to PcHelpWare.sfx and now your PcHelpWare app will be branded with your new icon.

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