Sunday, November 18, 2007

When did touching become illegal?

From Fox news... Did Pedophilia Hysteria Cause Child's Death?

Paranoia at the extreme... but whose paranoia? Besides this, there are other reports where teachers can't restrain students from assaulting each other. In essence, the liberal society has created as anti-social an environment as possible. Turning the corner, it is the same society that blames our President for wiretapping that punishes harshly people who may otherwise be trying to help other people. What happened to tolerance, people? Is that simply a pass phrase for "I can't believe you don't believe what I believe?" What about liberties? Is that simply that you can do what you want as long as it doesn't affect other people?

I'm slowly understanding that the society that allows children to make their own medical decisions without consent is already moving to the road that children are considered little adults. I see why there is shrinkage in growth in population. That isn't to say that the population isn't growing. It is to say that the population isn't growing nearly as fast as it used to. The growth is slowing because society has deemed family to be irrelevant and changeable. Growth is slowing because society has stopped caring for the children, and expects that the parents do likewise. Growth is slowing because it is not economically feasible for the people who are making money to have children.

When society forces government to take care of children, government will respond in the way it always does: with bureaucracy, lethargy, and apathy. Why would not parents echo this sentiment? If the parents aren't able to be legally responsible for the children's actions, then why not let these little adults take on adult responsibilities? If society is going to lower the age of consent, then lower it. Let's see what happens when kids start being as smart as they think they are. Let's see what utopia is like when it's run by homeless kids.

Then again, let's see what happens when the police are going to get sued for restraining kids. If an adult civilian is unable to know when to be civil and yet touch a child, then how can we assume that the people with badges are that much more able to make that decision?

The laws must be changed. People should not be complacent in allowing these kinds of hate crime legislation to occur.

Or, should we simply look away when the next 2 year old is killed but could have been saved?

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