Saturday, January 12, 2008

Unison, rsync, Versioning

unison is a cross-platform file/folder synchronizer on the order of rsync, with the ability merge text files.

I was thinking about versioning, and someone kindly pointed out that if one wanted distinct copies of a folder, one would simply replicate to a separate folder. So simple. The question then comes: synchronize to where?

I can certainly utilize 600GB at $84 per year. How about you? (S3 costs up to $90 each month for 600 GB STORED, not including transferring the data.)

Add in the ssh, maybe some support for PuTTY/PLink here, schedule it as a batch file, and you have a way to send a backup to an offsite server after it's locally made at your office.

ETA 1/22/07:
I see the traffic coming here from searches for unison vs rsync If you really want to know, they're practically the same. Unless you *know* what your goal is, rsync=unison the same way as wget = fetch = curl. For most users, the same arguments obtain the same results. One might find a need for a feature here or there, but it all comes down to whether or not you need x feature. For me, Unison is cross-platform enough.


Alok said...

They are not same...Unison synchronize,rsync mirroring & wget just to get data n prb same as rsync..

tech guy said...

Please explain what you consider is the difference between synchronize and mirroring. Many sites who talk about one term use the other interchangeably.

wget wasn't included as an equivalent application, it was merely listed as a different metaphor/comparison (things "A" and "B" are equivalent the same as things "C" and "D" are equivalent, though "C" and "D" are not necessarily related to "A" and "B" )

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