Friday, April 4, 2008

Violent Acres is holding a fund drive for charity

The Violent Acres Birthday Charity Challenge Begins
So if you’d like to help abused children and/or have an odd curiosity about what I look like, dig deep and donate as much as you can.

While I tend to not feel the cursing is necessary, that matters not to the reclusive author of the popular blog of a woman who'll "say some [stuff]." Actually, in my opinion, I find the tales rather strikingly to the point and, believe it or not, find a lot of what she says to be among the more forthright and on target versus other people who tend to blog.

Well, she's looking to raise money for a charity. If enough money pours through her Paypal account ($10K), she'll even post a picture of herself. On the other hand, if you just want to donate to her charity, that's pretty much OK, too. This is a scraped copy of her donation button:

You can donate via paypal:

If you don't trust the button, and why would you trust it from me? then make a direct donation to her charity of choice, if you want: West Valley Children's Crisis Center. Me? I get nothing. And given that I get no hits, generally, this is probably a dumb post. But *you* read it, and therefore I've hit slightly more than I expected. Thanks.

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