Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PuTTY, SSH, Web Browser tunnel

This bypasses your proxy server, tunnels through your own SSH server, and provides web access.
  1. Have a running ssh server, accessible from the Internet. can help give you a name to your IP address, if you have a dynamic one. Making the dyndns connection is beyond the scope of this tutorial.
  2. Create a PuTTY session to your ssh server. Chances are, if you know what step 1 is about, you've already created a PuTTY session to it.
  3. Inside PuTTY's session, go to Connection, SSH, Tunnels
  4. Type a number (8080?) into Source Port. Click Dynamic, Auto, and then [Add]
  5. Save the PuTTY sesssion
  6. Connect to your PuTTY session
  7. Configure your browser's proxy settings: Manual, SOCKS v5,, port (whatever number you used as your Source Port in 4.)
  8. If you go to, you should now see that your IP address is your ssh server.
There are interesting side effects that happen when you do this, especially since you usually can ssh connect any time you have any internet access.

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