Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Q: How to do LDAP/Active Directory integration?
A: LDAP Integration is adequate.

Q: How to change the Notification Master email address?
A: Admin, SysConfig, Framework, Show, click Core, Find and change NotificationSenderEmail.

Q: How to use OTRS like Spiceworks Tickets Anywhere?
A: First, take a look at Spiceworks' command list
Then, for each thing you'd like to implement, in Admin, Postmaster Filter, type in a filter name, then use the top half of the right window to provide the search (Body, #close) and use the bottom half of the right window to set the field (eg, X-OTRS-State, closed successful).

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akp982 said...

Spiceworks 4.1 is currently out with 4.5 hot on its heals.

I can’t wait to meet the Spiceworks team at SpiceWorld London

It will be a great day with loads off information and hands on training with Spiceworks 4.5

Spiceworks have also managed to team up with Intel for a power manager which just rocks.

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