Thursday, May 3, 2012

Converted my cell to Google Voice

First, this is a Sprint phone that has been used to convert the voicemail to Google Voice, not the same *exact* thing as port-your-number, so if your experience differs, that may be why. Now, my experience. Current impression: Why the heck didn't I do this before? No, really. My phone calls can come in through Google Chat. I can send and receive text messages through email, chat, or Google Voice and know about them. Since I'm mostly working from home, I basically don't need to use my cell phone as much, and even if it's dead, I'm still able to send or receive phone calls *from my number* with a headset on my laptop, desktop ... basically any where. It's really an interesting issue for me because there are so many different ways to communicate I don't even need a cell phone for that it does make me seriously consider whether the smart phone is necessary for me. So far, so good, and it probably won't be worth switching back.

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