Friday, February 22, 2013

Ubuntu Waiting for network message on bootup

Simple fix for this:
edit /etc/network/interfaces
make sure "auto" only points to network devices that actually will be and need to be on your network (for services) at boot time.

For instance, wlan0 may *not* be online before your OS loads.

Or, you might have other "auto" devices that obtain an ip address via DHCP. The failsafe allows sufficient time to get a DHCP address. You may decide whether you want to disable the failsafe or disable the auto, but note that some services depend on at least eth0 being "alive" before they start (or your ethn configured device).

Since you're there, it's a good idea to check for legacy network devices you may have configured in the past and make sure they're not "auto".

(If you're using DHCP and this configuration does not work for you, it's an issue with DHCP.)

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