Saturday, April 20, 2013

Git make "clean" pull request.

Scenario: You've worked your tail off and *know* you're done with .. whatever you're working on, and can't be bothered to fixup/squash/commits properly to hide your work method to send upstream.

you have the most recent git fetch from upstream and you're ready to do a pull request.

git checkout upstream/master
(you get a warning that you're in headless mode. In this case, great, let's do what it says:)

git checkout -b mybranchforthispullrequest

Now you're basically looking at plain upstream/master.

you can either
git merge mylocalworkingbranch (but this keeps the commit history)

or, if you're *certain* you only want to add/replace files (hopefully, only add)
git checkout mylocalworkingbranch myfileiwanttoadd.ext

git add myfileiwanttoadd.ext

git commit -m "Added myfileiwanttoadd.ext"

and just send the branch to your origin or upstream
git push origin mybranchforthispullrequest

Optionally, go to github and do a pull request from mybranchforthispullrequest.

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