Monday, April 9, 2007 silently creeping up as the Next Big Thing? is to Google what Wikipedia is to Encyclopedia Britannica.

Before the vandals come out in full force, I'm seriously believing that could actually be a better Google than Google. That is, if you believe that wiki searches would produce better results than Google searches, and if you believe that you could tag your way to the top of competitive lists...

We'll see. OTOH, is an elegant and quick (IMO) way to add wiki to your site. Here's hoping!

Also, here's hoping for Secondary Level Domain and Folder level support. Then again, when all the bogus google-search-criteria-tags.dom domains start being added, the value of may be diluted.

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Kristina said...

Hello Gerald!

I think regardless of whether becomes the next big thing, it is becoming a better wiki resource and place for collaboration. There's even a tour at!

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