Friday, September 28, 2007

Open Invitation to provide ACS/Parent Pager/Church Assistance

Our church uses ACS as its church management software. This week, we had the pleasure of having one of ACS Technologies' authorized third party consultants come to our church to provide onsite training for our users.

The trainer presented clear information to our users and provided some insight into enabling us to better manage our data.

As we talked, I was heartened to know that the trainer had recommended me to other churches for assistance in networking and general get-it-togetherness. Heartened, tempered with the realization that the churches haven't contacted me.

While I'm busy on one front, I'm also interested on providing my findings and some thoughts for churches who may seem to be in a rut -- stuck and not moving.

God is alive. He cares about you. Don't freak out about being stuck with "the way we have always done things around here." One of the best things about the place I work is that I am able to work with such wonderful people who really want to get this church thing right. That includes being receptive to kind direction toward optimizing our database. If you have access to the services offered by your application provider, let them help you. They do know their own product.

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