Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two Firefox ideas

Here are two ideas for Firefox. They might be mutually exclusive.

  1. Large tab. I don't exactly know the whys and wherefores about this, but it'd be, essentially, two levels of tabs. The idea is one of the following:

    1. The current tab above or below the other tabs, with some sort of gap at the place where the tab would be in the other tab arrangement
    2. The current tab is blank or small
    3. The current tab shows next to Help in the menu (for widescreen, this wouldn't be so bad
    4. The current tab is in the status bar.

  2. Additional buttons in the current tab. Especially, StumbleUpon Stumble, Thumbs up, and Thumbs down in the tab, not in the toolbar.

Well, if anyone reads this and could point me toward the right place, that'd be oh so cool. Thanks!

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