Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Use Canned Responses to get an HTML signature in GMAIL

This might or might not appease you, gentle reader, but Mother is the necessity of invention.

Goal: Get an HTML signature in GMail. This has the added benefit of being cross browser, cross platform, and follows you where you go.
Result: eh. It's a slight pain, but cross platform.

1) Turn off your signature in GMail. (Settings, General, Signature, (*) No Signature, Save Changes)
2) Turn on Canned Responses in Labs. (Settings, Labs, Canned Responses (about half way down), (*) Enable, Save Changes)
3) Compose a message, Press Enter a time or two, then paste or create your HTML signature within the body of the message. (You might copy/paste this from Outlook or a previous email).
4) Click Canned Responses now under Subject
5) Click New Canned Response ...
6) Give it a descriptive name, click OK.
7) Now you can click "Canned Responses"/Insert (your signature here) any time you want this signature.

Hope you like it!

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