Saturday, December 11, 2010

Set up Harmony Remote for Motorola VIP-1216

We just installed Prism from CenturyLink. I just wanted to post something how easy it was (should have been) to convert my Harmony H659 remote to control the Motorola VIP-1216.

If you remember nothing else, "No, I don't have the original remote". Don't try learning it. Don't try guessing from the remote brand. I did this and was extremely frustrated.

You really just have to load your Harmony software, connect your remote, add the device (Video Recorder -> PVR), choose Motorola as a brand, and VIP-1216 as the model. Next, "No, I don't have the remote"! Next/Done, but then go to the Activities tab (watch TV?) and add the Motorola VIP-1216 to the TV.

Now, what functions will you not have immediately that you may want to add to the display?
Certainly, you won't have all the direct input power/mode buttons at the top. But if you have a Harmony remote, you understand why those aren't necessary. If you have an errant device in the wrong on/off state, you'll use Help to get it back in sync, though if it you're having constant issues, you may want to verify the remote is controlling that device properly in the Harmony software.

Other buttons: "On Demand", "Recorded TV", "Learn" (Not needed), "Back" (Probably unnecessary as there are other buttons that can do it), "Go Interactive" (May never use), TV/Exit to "TV (again, may never use). Certainly you can add those to the display of the Harmony if you want them.

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