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Hrm. Now I am divided in my thought process. Which, then, is harder? To be a Christian in a dark and tasteless society or to be a nonbeliever who doesn't have the ability to lean on the crutch of Christ?

To be sure, a nonbeliever doesn't necessarily have to believe in God to get through tough circumstances. Neither a Christian. In my opinion, though, it is better to be comforted in the thought of a perfect love that values my life than to be a person whose only support is internal.

One might think that one might be able to go it alone. Maybe one might be able to make it among peers. The reality is that it's tough. Why not start based upon the idea of love and truth and the realization that indeed, it's better if one doesn't go it alone.

Maybe it's better, still, to strive to believe in the essence of what God is. Even if one doesn't believe in *God*, focusing on the principles that Christianity is intended to be -- love one another, love your neighbor as yourself, pray for your enemies, pay your debts, etc. -- can be a path to a better world on earth, if not in your own, individual life.

It's good that you think you can go it alone. Wouldn't it be better to have someone join you and guide you in your journey?

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