Sunday, August 12, 2007

Religious Morality ... or just Common Sense?

I think the idea that morality can exist outside of Religion or belief in a God is an interesting concept. I think it gets more interesting to see how democratic morality -- I'm talking about voting for what is moral, not about political parties -- can echo the sentiment of established truths that have existed before man codified laws.

It's not as if certain truths are "all of a sudden" thought up by the will of the majority. The reader thinks that her morality is based upon how she feels about things. How she alone can determine right from wrong. How right from wrong changes based upon point of view.

We are told that "Peace is the answer", "War is wrong." OK. But how? I mean, is war wrong just for the side that is fighting for your ability to continue to be able to protest? The screams are heard on both sides. In today's age, there isn't a voice, a flag, a country of the opposition. The opposition is an ideaset that expands and has many heads and no central body to say, "Enough is enough." The rule of law must need to exist. It needs to be consistent and it needs to be recognized. On both sides.

But I digress. The point is that, sooner or later, the people will end up having too many laws legislating morality and what you can or cannot say or behave one to another and serious consequences will result. Truth be told, the way to behave has already been shown to all. Adherence to that could save people a lot of trouble. It's just that rejecting religious morality because of its "origins" and not necessarily because of its "truth" means that we'll just have to wait until common sense/democratic morality legislates the same things into existence. This legislation has to wait until people forget that the morality being legislated is actually the same or similar to that of the Bible. Because if it's too similar, someone's head is going to roll. It's better that it seems to come from humanity, isn't it?

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