Friday, August 3, 2007

VersaMail Exchange ActiveSync

Here's the deal I had the ubiquitous error for Exchange Server 2003 Exchange ActiveSync for Versamail.

I have two domains set up and I know one works. The other one just didn't work.

The difference?

Well, after all the working of the ONLY Microsoft article that mentions anything, it comes down to this:

1) I have an Exchange Server running Outlook Web Access behind a firewall that is NOT ISA
2) I am ONLY passing SSL to my Exchange Server
3) I have only one Exchange server (no front/back issues)
4) I had a problem with Sharepoint installed on the same box (doesn't appear to be the total issue).
5) I applied all the fun stuff on

What I found to fix: It seems that the internal network was trying to resolve my domain name to the IP address outside the firewall, which made no sense. I set my internal/LAN DNS server to resolve the name that was on my SSL cert to the LAN IP address of my Exchange server. This seemed to fix the communication errors of the request and added another benefit: I could now use the OWA (outlook web access) on my LAN with the same SSL cert, external registered domain name and no errors.

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